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Four Years in Business!

We are already anxiously awaiting next year as we have missed seeing all of you at markets!! Just wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for your love and support of my little business! This journey would not be possible with out all of YOU! Every kind word, like, share and purchase means the world to me 💗 Now let’s raise a glass and C H E E R S to 4️⃣ years and many more 🥂

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Meet the Owner

Hey there! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself! I’m Joni, owner of Marie J’s, you’ll find me always full of energy and on the go 24/7. I am an accountant by day and a boutique owner by night. When I’m not working I enjoy traveling with my husband. I love helping women feel confident and stylish through fashion, which is why I started Marie J’s. Our mission is to “never have nothing to wear”. That’s right ladies, it can happen when selecting the right pieces to fill your closet 😉This business has been so rewarding and allows me to fulfill my creative side. If you have any questions about any pieces or styles please don’t hesitate to ask,...

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